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S.W.A.T. (1/2/2004) Rental
Sabotage (7/22/2014) Skip it
Safe House (6/5/2012) Theatre Worthy
Sahara (8/30/2005) Rental
Salt (12/21/2010) Rental
San Andreas (10/12/2015) Rental
Sanctum (6/7/2011) Skip it
Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (11/20/2007) Skip it/Rental
Saved (10/5/2004) Only if Free
Saving Mr. Banks (12/13/2013) Worth Buying
Saving Sarah Cain (1/15/2008) Only if Free
Saw V (1/20/2009) A Coaster
Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins (9/22/2009) Only if Free
Scream 4 (10/4/2011) Skip it/Skip it
SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden Rental
Secret Life of Pets, The (12/6/2016) A Coaster
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The (4/14/2014) Worth Buying/Theatre Worthy
Secret World of Arrietty, The (05/22/2012) Rental
Self/Less (7/10/2015) Skip it
Selma (5/4/15) Worth Buying
Semi Pro (6/3/2008) Skip it
Sentinel, The (8/29/2006) Rental
Seven Days in Utopia (11/29/2011) Theatre Worthy
Seven Pounds (3/31/2009) Rental/Theatre Worthy
Seventh Son (5/27/2015) Only if Free
Shack, The (5/30/2017) Theatre Worthy
Shaggy Dog, The (8/1/2006) Only if Free
Shallows, The (9/27/2016) Rental/Rental
Shark Night 3D (9/2/2011) A Coaster
Shark Tale (2/8/2005) Only if Free
Sharknado 3 (7/22/2015) Rental/Only if Free
She's The Man (7/18/2006) Skip it
Sherlock Holmes (3/30/2010) Rental/Worth Buying
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (6/12/12) Theatre Worthy/Worth Buying
Shorts (11/24/2009) Rental
Shrek 2 (11/2/2004) Theatre Worthy
Shrek Forever After (12/7/2010) Theatre Worthy
Shrek the Third (11/13/2007) Worth Buying/Worth Buying
Shutter Island (6/8/2010) Rental/Theatre Worthy
Sicario (9/18/2015) Rental
Sideways (4/5/2005) Skip it
Signal, The (9/23/2014) Only if Free
Signs (10/8/2002) Worth Buying
Silence (3/28/2017) Theatre Worthy
Silent Hill: Revelation (2/12/2013) A Coaster
Silent House (3/9/2012) Theatre Worthy
Silver Linings Playbook (4/30/2013) Rental
Simpsons Movie, The (12/18/2007) Theatre Worthy
Sin City (8/16/2005) Skip it
Sinister (2/19/2013) Rental
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (10/11/2005) Only if Free
Sisters (4/15/2016) A Coaster
Skeleton Key (11/15/2005) Skip it
Skyfall (2/12/13) Worth Buying
Skyline (03/22/2011) A Coaster
Sleepless (4/18/2017) A Coaster
Slumdog Millionaire (3/31/2009) Theatre Worthy
Smurfs 2 (12/03/13) A Coaster
Smurfs, The (11/29/2011) Skip it
Snitch (6/11/2013) Theatre Worthy
Snow White and the Huntsman (09/11/2012) Only if Free/Skip it
Snowden (12/27/2016) Only if Free
Snowpiercer (10/21/2014) Skip it
Social Network, The (1/11/2011) Theatre Worthy
Soloist, The (8/4/2009) Theatre Worthy
Something Borrowed (5/6/2011) Theatre Worthy
Son of God (6/3/2014) Theatre Worthy
Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (11/30/2010) Theatre Worthy
Soul Surfer (8/2/2011) Worth Buying/Worth Buying/Rental
Source Code (7/26/2011) Rental/Theatre Worthy
Southpaw (10/27/2015) Theatre Worthy
Spanglish (4/5/2005) Theatre Worthy
Spectre (2/9/2016) Theatre Worthy
Speed Racer (9/16/2008) Only if Free/Skip it
Spider-Man 2 (11/30/2004) Worth Buying
Spider-Man 3 (10/30/2007) Theatre Worthy
Spiderwick Chronicles, The (6/24/2008) Rental
Spirit, The (4/14/2009) A Coaster
Split (1/20/2017) Worth Buying
Spotlight (2/23/2016) Theatre Worthy
Spy (9/29/2015) Only if Free
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (11/22/2011) Rental
Spy Next Door, The (5/18/2010) A Coaster/A Coaster
St. Vincent (2/17/2015) Theatre Worthy
Star Trek (11/17/5009) Worth Buying
Star Trek Beyond (11/1/2016) Rental
Star Trek Into Darkness (9/10/2013) Worth Buying/Theatre Worthy
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (11/1/2005) Theatre Worthy
Star Wars: Rogue One (4/4/2017) Worth Buying/Worth Buying
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (11/11/2008) Only if Free
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (4/5/2016) Worth Buying/Worth Buying
Stardust (12/18/2007) Rental
State of Play (9/1/2009) Theatre Worthy
Stealth (11/15/2005) Rental
Step Mom (2/3/1998) Theatre Worthy
Steve Jobs (2/16/2016) Rental
Storks (12/20/2016) Theatre Worthy
Straight Outta Compton (1/19/2016) Rental
Stranger Than Fiction (2/27/2007) Theatre Worthy/Theatre Worthy
Street Kings (8/19/2008) Rental
Stuck on You (4/1/2004) Skip it
Suicide Squad (12/13/2016) Theatre Worthy
Sully (12/20/2016) Theatre Worthy
Sunshine Cleaning (8/25/2009) Only if Free/Skip it
Super 8 (11/22/2011) Theatre Worthy
Superhero Movie (3/28/2008) Skip it
Superman Returns (11/28/2006) Theatre Worthy
Surf's Up (10/09/2007) Worth Buying
Surrogates (1/26/2010) Theatre Worthy
Survivor (6/23/2015) A Coaster
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (4/1/2008) Skip it
Swing Vote (1/13/2009) Theatre Worthy/Theatre Worthy
Switch, The (3/15/2011) Rental


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