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Ladder 49 (3/08/2005) Theatre Worthy
Lady In The Water (12/19/2006) Theatre Worthy
Lake House, The (9/26/2006) Skip it
Lakeview Terrace (1/27/2009) Rental
Larry Crowne (11/15/2011) Theatre Worthy
Last Airbender, The (11/16/2010) Rental
Last Holiday (5/2/2006) Theatre Worthy
Last Mimzy, The (7/10/2007) A Coaster
Last Samurai, The (5/4/2004) Worth Buying
Last Stand (5/21/2013) A Coaster
Law Abiding Citizen (2/16/2010) Theatre Worthy
Lawless (11/27/2012) Rental
Leatherheads (9/23/2008) Rental
Lee Daniels' The Butler (1/14/2014) Theatre Worthy/Theatre Worthy
Left Behind (1/6/2015) A Coaster
Legend of Hercules, The (4/29/2014) A Coaster
Legend of Zorro, The (1/31/2006) Skip it
Legion (5/11/2010) A Coaster
Lego Movie, The (6/17/2014) Worth Buying
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (4/26/2005) Worth Buying
Les Misérables (3/19/2013) Rental
Let Me In (2/1/2011) Rental/Rental
Letters to God (8/10/2010) A Coaster
Letters to Juliet (9/14/2010) Theatre Worthy
Life As We Know It (2/8/2011) Rental/Rental
Life of Pi (3/12/2013) Theatre Worthy/Worth Buying
Like Dandelion Dust (1/25/2011) Worth Buying
Limitless (7/19/2011) Rental
Lincoln (3/26/2013) Worth Buying
Lincoln Lawyer, The (7/12/2011) Theatre Worthy/Rental
List, The (6/13/2008) A Coaster
Little Fockers (4/5/2011) Skip it
Live Free or Die Hard (11/20/2007) Theatre Worthy
Lockout (4/13/2012) Only if Free
Lone Ranger, The (12/17/2013) Skip it
Lone Survivor (6/3/2014) Worth Buying
Longest Yard, The (9/20/2005) Rental
Looper (1/1/13) Theatre Worthy
Lorax, The (08/07/2012) Worth Buying
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (5/25/2004) Worth Buying
Losers, The (7/20/2010) Theatre Worthy
Lottery Ticket (11/16/10) (11/16/2010) Skip it
Love Guru, The (9/16/2008) A Coaster
Love’s Unfolding Dream (12/15/2007) Rental
Lovely Bones, The (6/4/2010) Only if Free
Lucky Number Slevin (9/12/2006) Skip it
Lucy (7/25/2014) Skip it

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