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I “heart” Huckabees (2/22/2005) A Coaster
I Am Legend (3/18/2008) Worth Buying
I Am Number Four (05/24/2011) A Coaster
I Don't Know How She Does It (1/3/2012) A Coaster
I Love You Man (8/11/2009) Skip it
I, Frankenstein (1/24/2014) A Coaster
I, Robot (12/14/2004) Theatre Worthy
Ice Age: Continental Drift (12/12/2012) Only if Free
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (10/27/2009) Rental
Ice Harvest, The (2/28/2006) Skip it
Ice Princess (7/19/2005) Rental
Identical, The (1/13/2015) Theatre Worthy
Identity (9/1/03) Theatre Worthy
Identity Thief (6/4/2013) Rental/Theatre Worthy
Ides of March, The (1/17/2012) Rental
I'm in Love with a Church Girl (10/18/2013) Rental
Imagine That (10/6/2009) Skip it
Immortals (03/06/2012) Rental
Impossible, The (4/23/2013) Theatre Worthy
In Good Company (5/10/2005) Skip it
In Time (1/30/2012) Only if Free
Inception (12/7/2010) Worth Buying
Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The (3/15/2013) Rental
Incredible Hulk, The (10/21/2008) Worth Buying
Incredibles, The (3/15/2005) Worth Buying
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (5/22/2008) Theatre Worthy
Informant, The (2/23/2010) Theatre Worthy
Inglourious Basterds (12/15/2009) Rental
Inside Man (8/08/06) Worth Buying
Insidious (7/12/2011) Rental
Insidious: Chapter 2 (12/24/2013) Skip it
International, The (6/9/2009) Skip it
Internship, The (10/22/2013) Rental
Interpreter, The (10/4/2005) Theatre Worthy
Interstellar (11/7/2014) Theatre Worthy
Into the Blue (12/26/2005) Skip it
Into The Storm (11/18/2014) Skip it
Invasion, The (1/29/2008) Rental/Rental
Invention of Lying, The (1/19/2010) Rental
Invictus (5/18/2010) Theatre Worthy
Invincible (12/19/2006) Theatre Worthy
Iron Man (9/30/2008) Worth Buying
Iron Man 2 (9/28/2010) Worth Buying
Iron Man 3 (9/24/2013) Worth Buying/Theatre Worthy
Island, The (12/13/2005) Rental

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