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Baby Mama (9/09/2008) Rental/Only if Free
Back-up Plan, The (8/24/2010) Only if Free/Skip it
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (4/6/2010) A Coaster
Bad Words (7/8/2014) Skip it
Bag Man, The (4/9/2014) A Coaster
Balls of Fury (12/18/2007) Rental/Only if Free
Bank Job, The (7/15/2008) Skip it
Barnyard: The Original Party Animals (12/12/2006) Worth Buying
Batman Begins (10/18/2005) Worth Buying
Battle: Los Angeles (3/11/2011) Rental
Battleship (8/28/2012) Theatre Worthy
Beastly (6/28/2011) A Coaster
Beaver, The (8/23/2011) Theatre Worthy
Because of Winn Dixie (8/9/2005) Theatre Worthy
Bedtime Stories (4/3/2009) Theatre Worthy
Bee Movie (03/11/2008) Rental/Rental
Benchwarmers, The (7/25/06) A Coaster
Beowulf (2/26/2008) Skip it/Skip it
Beverly Hills Chihuahua (3/3/2009) Rental
Bible, The (4/2/2013) Worth Buying
Big Fish (April 2004) Rental
Big Miracle (9/25/2012) Theatre Worthy
Blades of Glory (8/28/2007) Rental
Blended (8/25/2014) Rental
Blind Side, The (3/23/2010) Theatre Worthy
Bling Ring, The (9/17/2013) A Coaster
Blood Diamond (3/20/2007) Theatre Worthy/Rental
Blue Like Jazz (8/7/2012) Worth Buying
Body of Lies (2/17/2009) Theatre Worthy/Theatre Worthy
Bolt (3/24/2009) Worth Buying
Book of Eli, The (6/15/2010) Worth Buying
Book Thief, The (3/11/2014) Theatre Worthy
Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (3/9/2010) A Coaster/A Coaster
Bounty Hunter, The (7/13/2010) Rental
Bourne Legacy, The (12/11/2012) Theatre Worthy
Bourne Supremacy, The (12/07/2004) Rental
Box, The (2/23/2010) A Coaster
Brave (11/13/2012) Theatre Worthy
Break Up, The (10/17/2006) Only if Free
Brick Mansions (9/9/2014) Rental
Broken City (4/30/2013) Only if Free
Brooklyn’s Finest (6/6/2010) A Coaster
Brothers (3/23/2010) Theatre Worthy
Bucket List, The (6/13/2008) Theatre Worthy/Rental
Bug (9/25/2007) Skip it
Burn After Reading (12/21/2008) Rental/Rental

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