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Mom, I Wanna Become an Instagram Celebrity
Or is there more to life than LIKES?
by Jonathan McKee

After a TV interview discussing my new book to teens about “wise posting in an insecure world,” the 30-something mom who was removing my makeup told me, “Everything you said about teens being absorbed into this digital world is so true. My own eight-year-old begs me every day for a phone, and my 10-year-old nephew texts me all the time showing me screenshots of how many people ‘liked’ his newest Instagram post.” But it was her next sentence that hit me.

“He tells me his goal in life is to be an Instagram Celebrity.”

10-years old.

JONATHAN'S BLOG: Just do you

Next week I’ll be at a conference speaking to young people about deciphering truth in the midst of lies. We’ll be looking at several influences like social media, music and other entertainment media, observing the subtle messages they communicate.

Let’s try one.

Here’s a Diet Coke commercial you may have seen– I saw it in a movie theater before the most recent Avengers movie:

Some interesting advice:

It makes me feel good.

Life is short.

Just do you… whatever that is.

And then of course the slogan:

Because I can.

(I can’t figure out if that slogan sounds more like the answer a kindergartner responds when asked, “Why did you break all your friends crayons?” or the answer a serial killer provides.)

What did you get from this?

How do these messages compare with what we’re seeing in our culture right now?

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