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Rolling the Dice in Life
Decision Making

Main Point of Discussion: Life hinges on the decisions we make, so we should make good decisions. If we’re in good situations, it’s usually because we’ve made good decisions. If we’re in bad situations, it’s usually because we’ve made bad decisions.

Vital Info Before You Get Started: (The following should help you contextualize this important issue so you can have a great discussion about it with your kids.)

  • Lay out 12 index cards (in a rectangular fashion) that each have a number printed on one side and a “situation” written on the other side. Make sure the “situation” side of the card is facing down so it cannot be read, while the number side is facing up so that it can be read. (Number the cards 1 through 12 to correspond with the possible combinations of the two die. If your family is larger than five people, you may want to make duplicates for each number. That way, if two family members roll a 7, they each can each pick up the 7 card.)

  • For the “situations,” you may want to write any “situation” your family members could find themselves in. For instance:
      1: Get in an argument with parents
      2: Help a friend who’s going through a really hard time
      3: Join the youth prayer squad
      4: Share your faith with a friend
      5: Lie to a loved one
      6: Use alcohol and/or drugs
    (Round out your list of “situations” to best fit you and your family members.)

  • After you have your cards in place, and your family members are gathered around them, you’re ready to start. Just give the two die to a family member and have him/her roll them. If he/she rolls a 6, then he/she has to pick up the card labeled with a 6…but don’t let him/her look at it yet! Then hand the die to the next family member. After she/he rolls them, have her/him pick up the corresponding card, without looking at it. Follow this same procedure until all of your family members have had a chance to roll the die and pick up a card.

  • Say: Life is not random. Life is greatly dictated by the decisions we make from day to day, and from moment to moment. If we make good decisions, life usually goes well. If we make poor decisions, we can end up hurting ourselves and even others.

    Alright, we’ve all rolled the Dice of Life. We’ve all picked up a card with a ‘situation’ written on the back of it. Most of us are intrigued by what’s written on the back of them, so let’s all take a second to find out our fate.
    (Have family members read the backs of the cards and give them a few seconds to laugh or moan or comment.)

Now, ask the following questions:

  1. Does anybody like the situation you found yourself in after rolling the dice?

  2. Does anybody not like the situation you found yourself in after rolling the dice?

  3. Are each of these situations places you could find yourself in fairly easily?

  4. Are these situations “purely accidental” or “based on decisions”? Why?

  5. Does anybody think “rolling the dice” is a good way to make decisions in life?

  6. Can anybody share a better way of making decisions?

Allow family members to share more godly ways of making decisions (if they can). Hopefully a few of them will say things like “ask Mom or Dad,” or “pray,” or “read the Bible.” You may want to share a fitting Bible passage (of your choosing) at this point. Then, after you’ve read it, ask family members to close their eyes and answer these questions in their hearts:

  1. What kind of decisions do you usually make? What are the results?

  2. How do you usually make decisions? Are they well-thought out or do you make snap decisions?

  3. What do you believe God thinks of your decisions? Do they please and honor Him or not?

  4. What decision do you need to finally make that you’ve been putting off?

  5. Do you need to talk about a decision you’ve made or need to make?

Give your family members a quiet chance to answer these questions and then close in prayer. Make yourself available as needed.

Close in Prayer

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I agree with Becca, only that I just stumbled upon it, and it is awesome. Thanks!

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I absolutely love your website. I only discovered it a week ago but already LOVE it, its awesome for my youth group & even for me as a parent..


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