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Mom, I Wanna Become an Instagram Celebrity, by Jonathan McKee (6/21/2018)
Or is there more to life than LIKES?
My Kids Can’t Stop Playing Fortnite, by Jonathan McKee (4/20/2018)
Should Parents be Concerned?
Parenting Middle Schoolers, by Jonathan McKee (3/13/2018)
More Than Just Surviving This Transitional Phase
Please Remove Your Headphones, by Jonathan McKee (1/31/2018)
3 Tools to Engage Your Kids To Tune You In
Helping Your Kids THINK Before They CLICK, by Jonathan McKee (12/12/2017)
Two Conversations We Need to Have
3 Ingredients Catalyzing the Spike in Teen Depression, by Jonathan McKee (10/31/2017)
And How a Caring Adult Can Actually Help
Who is Peeking at Your Kids?, by Jonathan McKee (10/11/2017)
Four Wise Privacy Practices Our Kids Need to Know
Is Getting Wasted Really a Big Deal?, by Jonathan McKee (9/14/2017)
Unpacking 13 Reasons Why, by Rob Chagdes (4/30/2017)
Two Glaring Truths the Show Unveiled
My 16-Year-Old Doesn't Believe:
Part 2
, by Thom McKee (4/18/2017)
Seek to Understand Why
My 16-Year-Old Doesn't Believe, by Jonathan McKee (4/2/2017)
5 Tips to Responding in Grace and Truth
Bonding or Boundaries, by Jonathan McKee (3/21/2017)
Which do you lean towards?
Teens Losing Sleep Over Social Media, by Jonathan McKee (1/24/2017)
Using Netflix to Talk with Our Kids, by Jonathan McKee (11/16/2016)
Overparenting... Underparenting, by Jonathan McKee (10/20/2016)
Am I Doing Too Much or Too Little?
My Top 5 Ways to Connect with Today’s Young People…, by Jonathan McKee (9/20/2016)
Who Can’t Pry Their Eyes from Their Mobile Devices!
My Kids Like Bad Youth Group Kids, by Jonathan McKee (9/7/2016)
3 Ways to Equip Our Kids to Choose Good Friends
Addicted, by Jonathan McKee (6/15/2016)
When the Smartphone Becomes an Obsession
The Best Tech I Ever Bought, by Adam McLane (5/10/2016)
The Dining Room Table
Middle Schoolers Are All About Change, by Mark Oestreicher (4/20/2016)
Parenting Help Subtitle
Finding Your Way in the Parenting Jungle, by Hettie Brittz (4/6/2016)
Are SmartPhones & Social Media Too
Dangerous for My Kids?
, by Jonathan McKee (3/14/2016)
Or Can Today’s Parents Effectively Teach Mobile-Device-Responsibility?
The Importance of Storytelling, by Mark Oestreicher (1/6/2016)
The Smartphone—Today's Conversation Killer, by Jonathan McKee (10/6/2015)
4 Steps to Asking Well-placed Questions, by Jonathan McKee (8/17/2015)
Filtering Rihanna, by Jonathan McKee (7/8/2015)
Three Ways I’ve Adapted to Survive Parenting, by Jonathan McKee (5/27/2015)
Before She Says "I Do", by Dale Reeves (5/21/2015)
Quantity Time Doesn’t Help Our Kids, by Jonathan McKee (4/4/2015)
When Kids Ask About... WHAT?!!, by Jonathan McKee (3/9/2015)
Raising Sponges, by Jonathan McKee (1/21/2015)
Smartphone Addiction, by Amy Williams (12/19/2014)
6 Games That Could Change Your Kid's (Or Your) Life, by Samuel Gronseth II (12/2/2014)
The Secret to Quality Time with Your Kids, by Jonathan McKee (11/18/2014)
What Is Your Kid’s Tech SweetSpot?, by Jonathan McKee (11/4/2014)
Just Let It Go, by Jonathan McKee (10/1/2014)
Picking Your Battles with Teenagers
Help, My Kid Spends Too Much Time Gaming!, by Jonathan McKee (9/3/2014)
When Smartphones Distract Study, by Jonathan McKee (7/28/2014)
The Value of Video Games, by Samuel Gronseth II (7/15/2014)
"Why should my kids play these things, anyway?"
Creating 'Feelsafe' Moments, by Jonathan McKee (7/1/2014)
3 Essentials to Talking with Today's Teens, by Jonathan McKee (6/17/2014)
The Appeal of Video Games, by Samuel Gronseth II (6/2/2014)
“Why do my kids play these things, anyway?”
Moving from YOU SHOULD to SHOULD YOU?, by Jonathan McKee (5/16/2014)
Which Listener Are You?, by Jonathan McKee (4/24/2014)
Put Your Phone Away... Mom!, by Jonathan McKee (4/1/2014)
Dating Against the Flow, by Jonathan McKee (3/14/2014)
Addicted to Technology?, by Walt Mueller (3/7/2014)
Keeping Instagram Safe, by Jonathan McKee (3/5/2014)
Spying on Your Teenagers, by Jonathan McKee (2/6/2014)
Your Smartphone, Your Kids, and Their Safety, by Adam McLane (1/15/2014)
Getting Teenagers Talking, by Jonathan McKee (12/6/2013)
Four Practices That Build a Girl's Self Image, by Rihanna Teixeira (11/25/2013)
But Mom, It's Clean, by Jonathan McKee (11/25/2013)
5 Parenting Tips You Don't Typically Hear, by Jonathan McKee (11/7/2013)
Happy Slutty Halloween, by Jonathan McKee (10/24/2013)
Parenting 17-year-olds like 18-year-olds, by Jonathan McKee (8/21/2013)
Got A Young Teen?, by Mark Oestreicher (6/26/2013)
Welcome to the World of Paradox!
Boys Need Men, by Rick Johnson (6/20/2013)
"I'm Bored", by David R. Smith (5/29/2013)
A Few Ideas to Beat the Summertime Blues
4 Tips to Teach Kids Delayed Gratification, by Rick Johnson (5/14/2013)
The Pressures of Prom, by David R. Smith (5/6/2013)
Hope in a Hopeless Situation, by Lane Palmer (11/2/2012)
Raising Kids When Divorce Gets Ugly
Raising Kids in a Divorced Home, by Lane Palmer (10/2/2012)
Behind the Family Portrait, by Jonathan McKee (5/24/2012)
"Shhhhh! Don’t Talk About Sex!", by Jonathan McKee (3/12/2012)
What Happens When a Society Goes Silent on Sex?
Telling Teenagers the Explicit Truth About Sex, by Jonathan McKee (3/11/2012)
Four Facts About Sex We Just Can't Keep to Ourselves
Backtalking to Mom Should Be Rewarded?, by Jonathan McKee (1/4/2012)
Sisters Learning to Become Friends, by Jonathan McKee (12/5/2011)
Teenage Perspective on Parenting, by Jonathan McKee (8/5/2011)
Yelling Works...Temporarily, by Jonathan McKee (7/19/2011)
The Stages of Pornography, by Jim Burns (10/21/2010)
Why Porn Might Bring Down This Culture
To Glee or Not to Glee, by Jonathan McKee (10/13/2010)
Don’t Require Your Kids to Misbehave, by Wayne Rice (9/20/2010)
What Kids (Really) Want, by David R. Smith (8/26/2010)
Their Greatest Desire May Surprise – and Change – You
Fix My Kid, by Al Menconi (7/20/2010)
Blurred Reality, by David R. Smith (7/15/2010)
Teens’ Use of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs
Three Cheers for Chores, by Wayne Rice (7/4/2010)
Move Over Mario, by David R. Smith (7/2/2010)
Video Games Then and Now
Banning Best Friends, by David Urbanski (6/25/2010)
Reacting (or Overreacting) to Teen Relational Problems
When Pain is All You Have, by Jim Burns (5/21/2010)
Why Teenagers Cut Themselves
How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs, by Jim Burns (5/20/2010)
Preventative Maintenance Through Conversation
Monkey See Monkey Do, by David R. Smith (5/14/2010)
Who's to Blame for Kids' Sexual Dilemma?
Will I Ever Be Satisfied?, by Al Menconi (4/20/2010)
Giving Your Children's Spiritual Maturity Over Constantly in Prayer
The Scope of Sexting, by David R. Smith (4/16/2010)
How Big Is It and How Big Will It Get?
Stressed Out, by David R. Smith (3/4/2010)
Are Today’s Kids the Most-Stressed Generation?
Dad, can I download this song?, by Jonathan McKee (2/4/2010)
A Parent's Perspective on Teaching Discernment
God Doesn't Ask Us to Be Successful, by Al Menconi (1/20/2010)
Culture’s Confusion Over Sex, by David R. Smith (12/4/2009)
And The Impact It’s Making On Teens
Do You Care About Your Children?, by Al Menconi (11/1/2009)
“I’m Trying to Talk to You!”, by David R. Smith (10/31/2009)
Getting the Attention of Our Teenagers
The Fine Art of Stealth Communication, by Wayne Rice (10/24/2009)
"Say Aah" …and, "What’s in Your iPod?", by Jonathan McKee (10/22/2009)
Pediatricians Advised to Learn About Kids’ Media Use
Teen Sex Escalation, by David R. Smith (10/9/2009)
Parents Have Ammo to Reverse the Trend
Celebrate Your Marriage, by Wayne Rice (9/22/2009)
Handling Social Media with Your Kids, by Jim Burns (9/21/2009)
“My Kid Doesn’t Do That!”, by David R. Smith (9/5/2009)
Teens’ Actual Use of the Internet vs. Parents’ Perceptions
Why I Allowed My 12-year-old to See Rated R... but Not PG-13!, by Jonathan McKee (8/1/2009)
What Films are Actually Appropriate?
Circle the Wagons, by Wayne Rice (8/1/2009)
Surround Your Kids with as Many Caring, Quality Adults as You Can
A Bloody Cry for Help, by David R. Smith (7/19/2009)
Teenagers and Deliberate Self-Harm
How to Protect Your Kids from Cyberbullies, by Jim Burns (6/30/2009)
Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe
No Need to Study, by David R. Smith (6/27/2009)
New Ways to Make an "A"
Act Your Age, by Wayne Rice (6/21/2009)
Family Finances, by David R. Smith (5/15/2009)
Does Talking With Teens About Money Help?
The Pain Over Posted Pics, by David R. Smith (5/1/2009)
Many Teens Regret Some Online Behavior
Is Prayer Your First or Last Resort?, by Al Menconi (4/30/2009)
The Elephant in the Room, by David R. Smith (4/24/2009)
The Growing Problem of Teenage Obesity
Teach Your Children the Four R's, by Wayne Rice (3/10/2009)
Are Parents Obsolete?, by Jonathan McKee (3/5/2009)
Don't Underestimate the Influence of Parenting
When Girls Don't Like Themselves, by David R. Smith (1/28/2009)
Girls' Game Plan for Low Self-Esteem
A Hill Worth Dying On, by Al Menconi (12/20/2008)
Pick Your Battles Wisely
Mobile Porn, by David R. Smith (12/12/2008)
Teens Using Cell Phones for X-Rated Purposes
I'm in Love with a Vampire, by Jonathan McKee (11/11/2008)
The Subtle Messages of Twilight
Don't Believe the Lie; There is Hope, by Al Menconi (10/20/2008)
The Blame Game on Drinking Games, by David R. Smith (10/18/2008)
Who's Responsible for Underage Drinking?
Are You Winning the Battle, by Al Menconi (9/21/2008)
...and Losing the War for Your Kids?
Smile-You Have a Teenager in Your House, by Wayne Rice (4/2/2008)
Do Bad Lyrics Really Affect Teenagers?, by David R. Smith (3/8/2008)
The Source's Music Survey
Alcohol and Your Teen, by Jim Burns (6/1/2006)
Keeping Your Kids Safe by Being Media-Wise, by Jim Burns (10/21/2005)
Help Your Kids Make Right and Wise Decisions About Media
If Teenagers Only Had a Brain, by Jonathan McKee (8/16/2005)
Our Response to All the Hype about the Teen Brain
Six Essentials for Making Discipline Work In Your Home, by Jim Burns (10/4/2004)
Consistency is the Key to Raising Responsible Kids