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Raising Sponges
by Jonathan McKee

Who learns faster, a teen, or an adult?

Teen’s can actually learn “faster, harder, better, longer, stronger” than adults. It’s called synaptic plasticity. Toddlers have it in heaps, teens still absorb at a great rate, and adults… not so much.

In short, our kids are sponges.

JONATHAN'S BLOG: Super Bowl Quiz
It’s almost Super Bowl time… and that means our annual BIG GAME Quiz!

For those of you have been following for the past few years, you probably look forward to the fun little free resource we provide every year called the Super Bowl “BIG GAME Quiz!” (I just posted it HERE). This quiz is a fun little party game you can use at your Super Bowl party at your church or your home. People fill out the quiz as they enter your party, predicting scores, catches, runs, etc., then you fill out the results during the game and tally up the winner (and PLEASE... remember to tally up the answers during the game because that's how the quiz works).

My friends over at Download Youth Ministry also have a really amazing package for sale called the BIG GAME EVENT KIT complete with a promo video, a pile of fun powerpoint games, and an 8-minute video message from Josh Griffin. Really good stuff (worth the price).

And if you haven’t already seen what I posted last year about “The Seahawks and Jesus“… take a peek. Awesome interview (although realize this was last year, so it was Mark Driscoll interviewing them).

Enjoy these resources.
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Season 5, Episode 8, Coda
It only took about 75 seconds into this week’s episode for us to realize exactly how far Rick was willing to go to protect the group. How far would you be willing to go? This season The Walking Dead has

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Teens Driving Under the Influence
Can It Be Reduced by Parental and Spiritual Influence?
David R. Smith

Many teens drive under enormous amounts of distraction – loud music, friends, and texting. But new reports claim that half of teens and young adult drivers who die in car wrecks have one thing in common.

They’d been using alcohol or marijuana (or both) prior to...
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