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Smartphone Addiction
by Amy Williams

How many times have you heard a friend or acquaintance joke about their teen being addicted to a Smartphone?

Unfortunately, many of us hear these comments almost on a daily basis. It’s ironic that something so mundane, such as checking on Social Media or a game app, can quickly become a problem if it starts to interfere with a child’s daily activities and ability to function. The stark reality is that people can become addicted to their Smartphones.

Unfortunately, addiction is not the only problem associated with Smartphones. Many communities are being rocked by cyberbullying and a lot of teens are learning hard life lessons when it comes to a lack of Social Media etiquette. Parents are starting to wake up to the fact that our teen’s beloved gadget can cause a few serious side effects.

JONATHAN'S BLOG: A Glance Back at 2014 Travel
As I peek ahead at my speaking calendar for early 2015… it’s getting pretty full. So I looked back at my travel in 2014 and this is what I discovered.

I traveled a total of 82,777 miles.

I took a plane on 17 different trips.

I flew 53 different legs/segments.

I flew to three countries.

I stayed in 39 different hotels for 51 different nights.

I rented 15 different cars, for 27 days.

I spoke 67 times at 41 venues.

I ate far too many Five Guys Burgers…

…and far too few Giordano’s Pizzas.

That’s my 2014 in a nutshell. Loving the opportunity to serve God and work alongside His workers around the globe. I look forward to seeing many of you at my upcoming conferences and trainings in 2015!
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Season 5, Episode 8, Coda
It only took about 75 seconds into this week’s episode for us to realize exactly how far Rick was willing to go to protect the group. How far would you be willing to go? This season The Walking Dead has

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The #1 Hits of 2014
A Mix of All Things Music
Jonathan McKee and David R. Smith

This year’s top music was a fairly balanced mix of rap, hip hop, and pop…with a little rock-n-roll thrown in for good measure. It also featured a blend of veteran performers and several brand new artists.

And yes, this year’s top music also offered a fusion of clean tunes…and not so clean tunes...
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