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Three Parenting Practices Preventing the Permeation of Porn
by Jonathan McKee

“Not my kid!”

That’s the first thing I hear from parents who think somehow their kids won’t encounter porn, even accidentally.


JONATHAN'S BLOG: 4 Free Videos
This month I've been busy with interviews, both radio and TV, talking about how caring adults can become young people's "Go To" person about sex.

Sadly, we're hearing a growing number of stories of kids who were too scared to open up with their parents about the subject of sex, but they're looking for answers... sometimes to very embarrassing questions.

Of all the interviews I've done recently, here is a very helpful four-part series I did on the Canadian TV show My New Day. The series is titled, "More Than Just the Talk" (after my book of the same title), and provides parents with some helpful tips how to create a comfortable climate of continual conversations in the home. The fourth in the series was posted today, and you can watch all four online FREE right HERE. I hope this series is a good resource to you... something you could show to parents, provoking discussion after each episode.img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-8837" src="" alt="The-Sex-Talk" width="300" height="251" />

We are offering a great deal on these two books on our site HERE, both books in one pack for just $15 even.

Save even more when you buy either of these books in bulk HERE.
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Season 5, Episode 16, Conquer
It’s the Season Finale’, and 90 minutes just didn’t seem like enough time. I can’t believe we have to wait until the fall to see more The Walking Dead!!! (Good thing we’ll be posting Season 3 discussions this summer here

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2015’s Summer Blockbusters (PART 1)
A Sneak Peak at the Movies That Will Target Teen Audiences
David R. Smith

Based on this summer’s movie lineup, it appears as though every major studio in Hollywood is out to destroy Earth. From genetically-altered dinosaurs to artificial intelligence gone rogue to a very crude teddy bear that can talk, we might not make it out alive.

Here’s your guide to surviving...
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